Tuesday, January 27, 2009

221 Days

That is crazy to me! 221 days until the wedding...what??? The rest of this winter/early spring will be super wedding planning mode. Once the spring and summer starts, I'm so busy at work with other weddings, I won't be able to think about my own, so I really want to get a bunch of stuff done in the next few months. Here's what we have confirmed so far:

Venue - Check! I'm in love with our venue and I know it will be perfect! Cross your fingers for no rain!

Caterer - Check! And we have our tasting on February 23rd! so excited! We're doing a plated dinner with chicken and crab cake (on one plate - no choices) with an amazing tomato, mozzarella and basil salad. YUM! We've also already picked out all of our linens, chairs, china, etc.

Photographer - Check! I am totally obsessed with my photographer and I want to be best friends with her. Her pictures are just incredible.

Dress - Check! It will be here in 4 months. AHHH!!

BM Dresses and Attire - Check! My last bridesmaid will try on her dress in February when I'm down in FLA visiting her. We have all the belts for the dresses and I'm pretty sure I found the perfect silver flip flops for them to wear!

Flowers - Check! We still need to tweak it a little bit, but I love my florist! We're doing a mix of dahlias, garden roses, hydrangea and orchids...all in yellow, cream and greens.

Cake - Check! We still have to do the cake tasting, but I have the idea for the cake in my head (and a picture) and I can't wait. I'm a chocoholic, so I'm pretty sure I want to do the WHOLE cake in delicious chocolate.

DJ - Check! I'm using one of my favorite DJ's who is a vendor from work, as he offered to do my wedding for free! I was blown away and so excited! I want tons of 80's music and super fun oldies.

Hair/Make Up - Check! I can't wait for this...I love both my hair and make up people!

Ok, so really, I have a lot done. Here's what I don't have:

Officiant - Umm yeah, this is really important and it's not confirmed yet. We are going up to Baltimore to meet with Jake's families pastor in a few weeks, so hopefully that will work out!

Ceremony Music
- we really want a steel drum player for the ceremony/cocktail hour and dinner. I think it goes well with our wedding...being on the water, outside in late summer with lots of bright colors.

Invitations - I have no idea what I want for this! Hmm I still have a little while to figure it out. I LOVE paper products and I definitely want something fun, bright and preppy!

Transportation - We want to shuttle people to and from the wedding since it's a holiday weekend and we don't want anyone drinking and driving. I'm thinking a few larger shuttle buses or trolleys.

Decor - I have about 10374623 ideas for decor and I really need to sit down and organize my millions of ideas! I'm thinking I want wheatgrass in huge barrels for the place cards, tall vases of lemons and limes around the cocktail hour and yellow and green paper lanterns hanging over the bar area.

I think that's everything! AHHHHH!


Lisa said...

Very impressive what you have done so far! It sounds like it's coming together so nicely!

Preppy 101 said...

You have been busy, busy, busy! I am impressed!!

The Pink Tutu said...

Everything sounds wonderful, I'm so glad it's all coming together!!

Ashley said...

We are both super planner girls =]

Who are you using for photography and flowers if you don't mind me asking?

Seaside Prep said...

Sounds like a fairy tale wedding day! Happy planning and big props to you on being so organized! :)

Pink Julep said...

You are well on track!!! A lot of us are planning right along with you - my wedding is 5 months from yesterday! EEK!!!

PS - I left you something on my blog!

Kate said...

So exciting. I love hearing all the details :)

Always Pretty in Pink said...

You should look at some of the wedding invitations @ etsy.com. I wish I had found them before my wedding. :)

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