Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I love: Beauty Edition

I'm not a huge product person when it comes to beauty products...I tend to find stuff that I like and stick with it. Here's my daily product list:

Hair --
I cannot live without my Chi. I became a Chi believer when my old roommate L had one and I borrowed it one night. I haven't looked back since. My hair is naturally wavy (but not a good wavy, a very gross wavy) and the Chi makes it super glossy and perfect after I blowdry. It really is amazing and definitely the best hair straightener I have ever used. I have the pink one (obviously)
I swear by Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I use is 2-3 times a week to keep my hair from looking flat and weighted down. You can't use it every day because it will dry your hair out, but it's perfect just a few times a week. The day I use it, I can always guarantee a really good hair day!!

Face --
I'm slightly embarassed to admit that my daily skin care routine is Proactiv. I don't have acne, but I do get an occasional breakout and Proactiv has been amazing at making my skin perfect! It changed the texture of my skin and made it softer and less oily. I especially love the toner. I've been using it for 2 years now and I will never go back!

This is seriously a miracle product...Smashbox Photo Finish. I got my make up done last year at Smashbox for a party we were going to (just for fun) and she used this as the base. I bought it on the spot because I was totally obsessed. I don't wear foundation, but I can wear this alone and it helps make my skin look like it's glowing. I also wear it underneath of my next product...

I think I've talked about this bronzer before, but I'm seriously in love with it. It's Physicians Formula SPF 20 Bronzer. I hate creamy foundations, but I'm also super pale most of the year. This bronzer gives you just enough color and since it's a powder, it doesn't feel heavy at all. It's also SPF 20, which is always good. I just use a huge brush and put it all over my entire face and neck every day. Love!

Lips --
I love this C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint, from Bath and Body Works. It's super minty, so it makes my mouth feel really fresh, it has just a tiny hint of color and it's super shiny and glossy! I love the tube because it's easy to apply. They have a whole bunch of flavors, but the mint is definitely my fave!

This is my all time #1 obsession item. I will seriously buy like 5 packs at a time. I only like the royal blue kind, because it is slightly tingly/minty and has SPF 15. I constantly have at least 2 in my purse, 2 in my car, 1 next to my bed and several all around our house. It's slightly frightening how much I love this stuff. I slather it on before bed, which Sailor Boy thinks is so super sexy...haha. If I was ever out of these or they stopped making them, I seriously would probably die. ahhh...I can't even think about it!

So those are the beauty products that I cannot live without! What do you use every day?


Lisa said...

Ah! A bronzer and chapstick girl like me :-) I will have to give those smashbox and bronzer choices a try!

Kate said...

I keep a chapstick in every purse/bag and room :)

The Pink Owl said...

I use Palmers Cocoa butter stick just like you do with the chapstick! They are hard to find, so when I do, I buy all the store has! I have one in my jacket pocket at work, my purse, my car, by the bed and a stash of unopened ones in my cabinet! ;) Like you, if they ever stop making it...I'm done.

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