Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Shopping

I was at my parents house on Sunday because my mom and I went to a neighbor's house for a jewelry party and Sailor Boy and my dad were watching the Ravens game. While I was there, I got really cold so I went into my old bedroom to see if I could find any old sweaters I could throw on. I started looking around my closet and dressers and I found SO much stuff that I forgot about. I haven't lived at home for 5 years and I thought I had taken everything, but I managed to find 3 pairs of jeans, several sweaters and a jacket. All the jeans are amazing...including 1 pair from J.Crew that still have the tags on them!! I can't believe I left all this stuff and didn't remember any of it for so long! So it feels like I had a great shopping spree without spending any money? Don't you just love that?!?!

Also, I'm feeling super motivated this week because my BFF K got me a 2 week guest pass to her gym and I have gone for 3 days in a row now! We even got up super early this morning and went before work...plus I gave Spencer her normal 30 minute walk after I got back from the gym! It just shows me how badly I need to join a gym and get back into this routine. I forgot how much I really do enjoy it...I used to be OBSESSED with the gym when I first graduated from college. Obviously that stopped a few years ago, but I really think that I can get back into it if I just join and start going.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Kiss My Tiara said...

I am having the same experience now! I was obsessed with running this summer and then i sorta quit for a little bit but now i am getting back into it and couldn't be happier!! keep up the good work :)

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Lucky you! I love when I go through things at my parent's house that I had forgotten about~

The Pink Tutu said...

Hi Kim, it's Amy! I started my blog so you'll have to check it out :). I know what you mean about the gym. I really need to make the time to go because it always feels great. How fun that you rediscovered some fun clothes!! Have a happy afternoon!

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