Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preppy Puppy

We get to pick Spencer up TOMORROW!! craziness! I think we're both still in shock that we're actually getting a puppy! They were going to spay her and then give her to us, but they decided that it would be a big shock to get spayed AND deal with a new home and new family. So we're going to have her for a few weeks and then take her to get spayed, so she has time to get used to us. That means, we get her tomorrow! Wowza!

Yesterday was my day off, so of course I used the day to shop for some preppy finds for Spencer. I went to Paws, which is this adorable and preppy dog and cat store in my town. I was there for over an hour!! They have the best selection of collars (literally an entire WALL) of every color and print you could imagine. Since Spencer has a boy name, but she's a girl, I really want to get her a girly collar so people don't think she's a boy. Well Sailor Boy has a problem with pink collars...he will not walk her with anything too girly. I called him from the store and he was like "don't buy one, i want to help in this decision" ARE YOU SERIOUS?? so i had to leave the store empty handed!! well not quite...

I picked her up a set of food and water dishes like the one above! How freaking cute is that?? Ours actually has polka dots all over it, but it's the same color scheme. Sailor Boy isn't too fond of them, but he really can't complain.

So we also ventured out to PetSmart last night to finish up shopping for supplies. We got the basics and some really fun toys for her. Sailor Boy picked out a huge stuffed pheasant that squeeks...since she's a hound, he thinks she will like it and it will appeal to the hunter in her. we'll see...the thing is like bigger than her! I think she's going to be scared of it. We also perused the aisle of collars and leashes and STILL couldn't agree on anything. We finally picked out a kelly green leash but didn't get a collar. We have come to an agreement that if she has the green leash, I can go back to Paw's today to get any fun pink collar I want! It's all about compromise!! So she'll still get to be my cute little green and pink puppy! Love it! Here's the collar I'm thinking about:

I don't know how i'm going to make it through work today and tomorrow!!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very cute! Congrats on becoming a puppy momma!

kristy said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! and congrats on getting a new puppy! i hope all goes well. it certainly already looks like you've picked a cute collar and bowl!

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