Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So we went bridesmaid's dress shopping on Sunday and it was very interesting! Nordstrom was very disappointing, but we did find a few good choices at Lord and Taylor and actually Macy's. The most interesting part is as we were shopping, I think K may have changed her wedding colors!!! Since the wedding is on a huge lawn (ceremony and reception), I think she's worried that the aqua color might looks weird with all the green grass. We found one dress that both me and L LOVED...in bright yellow. We checked the designer's website and it doesn't come in any other colors. So that may change things a bit...I'm a big fan of yellow and I think K may be leaning towards it as well. Here's the dress (it looks much better on than in the pic -- the best part is the amazing big bow in the back...it's so cute!)

In other news, Sailor Boy is back from San Diego for the bachelor party and he's definitely struggling. I told him he's not as young as he once was and he can't party all weekend and then fly back for work on Monday morning. He was not amused. I think he's just mad because all the other guys he was with seemed to be able to "hang" (aka drink all night and then get up the next day and start drinking again) and apparently he can't. I've turned him into an old man. I don't think it's a problem to not be able to binge drink anymore...we're obviously not in college anymore and there's really no reason to do that to your body. I'm perfectly content having a glass or two of wine at dinner and then being able to wake up the next day and not feel like death.

Spencer got spayed yesterday and that was quite the ordeal. She's in serious pain and she's acting like she hates us. I've been giving her baby asprin mixed in with her food but I'm not sure if it's really helping or not. Last night was pretty bad, but this morning she was at least walking a little better and going up and down stairs on her own. She looks at you like she wants you to pick her up (since she wasn't really walking on her own), but as soon as you touch her, she howls in pain. I'm hoping she gets better today with plenty of rest.

This weekend at work (Saturday) I have 3 weddings and a bridal shower. What the HECK am I going to do??? I don't have an assistant (not that I haven't tried to get my boss to hire one) and I really think it may be physically impossible to set up for all 3 of these weddings. The hotel has 1 ballroom and then a smaller private room, so we have a daytime wedding in the ballroom and then an evening wedding up there, and then one mid-afternoon smaller wedding in the private room. The smaller wedding is the biggest headache of the 3 of them!! They have a ton of set up and they're very picky and somewhat bitchy about everything. It's a very last minute wedding and the bride and groom are very young (like 20 -- juniors in college). I've tried to be as helpful as I can, but I'm not a miracle worker - I'm sorry that they waited so long to start planning! Plus, the private room holds 60 people MAX which I've told them about a million times and she called me Saturday to tell me their guest count is at 82 and that's still not final. HMMMMM. So I'm dreading that wedding for sure...

Lastly...Red and White Preppy, can i get an invite?? I really want to read your blog!! Thanks!


Red and White Preppy said...

Absolutely! What's your e-mail address? :)

Kim said...

kimblog19@gmail.com Thanks!!

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