Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We may have a breakthrough!!

Spencer didn't bark this morning!! Well I won't say she didn't bark at all, but she only barked for about 2 minutes, then settled down and enjoyed her new rawhide toy. I am so relieved! We also covered her crate with a sheet at the advice of the rescue group we got her from - apparently it makes them feel calm and safe. So we have a happy and quiet puppy!!

So I promise I'm not turning this into a dog blog...I do have other things going on in my life! My stupid camera is still broken (but it is in the shop as we speak), so hopefully as soon as I get it back I can post the pics from the engagement brunch we threw my bff, K a few weeks ago. It was a total success!! She was so surprised, she cried! I love when you can pull off a surprise party! The weather didn't coorporate, so we had to do it inside, but it will still fabulous and everyone had a great time. I have to say - my days of planning surprise events may be coming to a close. It's so hard!! I've already told K that her shower will NOT be a surprise...haha.

Sailor boy is going to San Diego this weekend for his cousin's bachelor party, so I will have the house to myself. Just me and the puppy dog. I think Sunday I'm going with Bride to be K and the other bridesmaid L to try on dresses for the wedding...we're going to try Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor first. Since there's only two of us, i'm hoping it's nice and easy to find something. K has basically said we can pick whatever dress we both like, doesn't matter where it's from and it can be any style. We're both almost the exact same size too, so we should both fit into the same dress easily. The colors for the wedding are red and aqua (which i totally LOVE - it's so chic), so I think we are going to wear aqua dresses with red bouquets. I personally like this aqua dress from my fave place:

I love the pockets and i think it would be amazing with some bold red jewelry and a red bouquet. The JCrew at our mall is tiny (boooo), so it doesn't carry any of the bridal line dresses. I guess you could twist my arm and i could just order know, to try it. haha.

K also ordered two sample color swatches from Two Birds Bridemaids (one in deep ocean and one in peacock) to see if either of those colors would work as an aqua. Has anyone heard of those dresses before? Its one dress, fits any size, that can be worn like 8 different ways. It's pretty amazing and I'm sort of obsessed. That's one dress I would definitely wear again. So fingers crossed that the color is right.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather!

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Red and White Preppy said...

Lovvvvve that dress! It would look gorgeous with red accents like you said. Good luck finding/getting it :)

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