Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moving On...

So I'm doing much better about the whole puppy thing. I know we will get a dog in the very near future...we just have to wait for our perfect dog. The dog from the rescue organization we were going to adopt was obviously NOT our perfect dog...but he/she is out there and we just have to find him/her. I did make Sailor Boy call the rescue lady and talk to her (since i was not really in any condition to talk to her - literally i couldn't stop crying the day we found out). She said some really nice things about us, but they're job is to get all the puppies into the perfect home and ours is not perfect for this specific dog. We are still eligble for other dogs that come along that we would be a match for, so hopefully they get some other puppies in soon.
In other semi-exciting news...we may actually be moving!!! Our lease is up in July and we've been debating renewing it. Right now our rent is CHEAP (i got an excellent move in special), but we know it will go up like $200-$300 for the 2nd year. We just don't know if our tiny little place is worth the extra money. Sailor Boy's best friend's parents own a rental property in our town and are actually going to be looking for tenants right around the time we would need to move. The house is AMAZING...awesome neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, a HUGE backyard and a nice size detached garage for all of Sailor Boy's prized possesions (i.e. fishing/hunting/outdoor gear). It has the most wonderful front porch with a swing! So we're going to talk to them about rent and all that good stuff. They have told us they want us to move in, since they obviously know us and know we would be good's just a matter of lease terms and cost. I don't mind paying more for such a big house...we would probably die of happiness from all the space!! so we'll see how that goes. That also sort of factors into the puppy thing -- since it has a backyard, we would definitely get approved for a puppy and the future landlords have told us we could absolutely have a dog/puppy since they are huge animal lovers themselves! So we may just wait it out a few months and then really search for our dream dog!!! July is really not all that far away....

I'm having a hard time resisting the JCrew additional 30% off sale!! I've already placed 3 seperate orders...i just keep seeing stuff I like each time I look! Luckily i've been using free shipping codes for everything (ps --- 2703FS will get you free shipping through today). I ordered this skirt yesterday:

I've been needing a new khaki skirt (since i practically live in them all summer) and I like the color of this one and that it's a little bit different. The thing i love about jcrew is that I know anything I order online will fit the final sale doesn't scare me at all! Hope everyone has been taking advantage of the ends tomorrow!

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