Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday evening wedding

So I have a Friday night wedding this weekend at work. They're not very popular, but I usually have a few every couple of months. It always seems like weddings that are held on Fridays or Sundays always have a different dynamic than Saturday weddings. I'm not sure why, but it's definitely a unique vibe for Friday and Sunday weddings.

The wedding here tomorrow should be no different...the couple is covered in tattoos from head to toe! They are actually super nice and have an adorable 5 year old daughter named Ruby, but when I first met them, I was a little surprised. Our hotel is very traditional and nautical, so I was very shocked that they would be interested in it for their wedding. But they really loved it and the bride is so excited every time I talk to her. Another good thing about this couple is that they are very laid back...It's so refreshing to have a bride like that. It makes my job a lot easier (since I'm a very laid back person myself and I handle my job just like that too...which I think surprises some people). I totally understand that there is stress in planning a wedding, especially when it gets down to the weeks before, and I have definitely seen my share of crazy bridezillas. So I hope tomorrow is nice and relaxing and fun.

I actually DO NOT have a Saturday wedding at work this weekend, which I'm super excited about. I will actually get to leave work Saturday at like 4pm...and enjoy my weekend! Sometimes the strain of working every Saturday gets to me...especially in the summer when all my friends and Sailor Boy are out having fun all day. I get off Sundays and Mondays to make up for it - but it's not really the same since everyone else is working that day. I usually will just go lay by the pool all day by myself in the summer, but it does get lonely. I do LOVE my job, so it's definitely worth it...but this field definitely has a high turnover rate. I've been here for about 2 years now and I definitely don't know if i'd be able to do it once I'm married and have kids.
Luckily, that's still a ways I get to enjoy my job for another few years at least :-)

Changing the subject, I'm loving alot of the new spring sale stuff at I'm so tempted, but I'm REALLY trying to be good with spending money. I may just have to treat myself to 1 or 2 new things...

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k e r r y said...

dying to know what hotel but I won't go there here :) I too am trying to resist the J.Crew pull... I have my wish list in order so when the need for a little therapy hits me I won't have to search for the perfect fix!

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