Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conehead Puppy = Unhappy Puppy

Well we had a little bit of drama last night. I get home from work and take Spencer for a walk. She's definitely getting more energy back and feeling better from the surgery. So we're hanging out after the walk and I go to check the stitches on her belly. Well the nice little row of black stitches are GONE. There's 1 single stitch and then just the wound from the cut of the surgery. And it's oozing (sorry - i hate that word too, but there's only one way to describe it). So I call the vet who did the surgery (who is not her regular vet - we had to take her to the shelter vet to get her spayed as part of our adoption agreement). They say this is very bad and we need to get her checked out right away. Well that vet who did the surgery is about 45 minutes away, so I call our vet and they say to bring her right in. So she has to get 7 STAPLES in her belly from our vet to hold the wound together because apparently it was on the verge of opening. OMG. I was obviously freaking out.

Since I ASKED the vet who did the surgery for a cone for her when I picked her up Monday and they didn't give me one...I was MAD. I KNEW she was going to lick/bite her stitches...hello SHE'S A DOG! She doesn't know any better. They told me it wouldn't happen and she would be fine without one. I'm already planning on sending a not so nice letter to this other vet who did the surgery (there were other things that happened with the spay that i was not too happy about) So she now has to keep the staples in for 10 days and wear a cone pretty much 24/7 to keep her from licking/biting these out. Let me tell you...she is PISSED. As soon as we put the cone on her, she pretty much becomes catatonic and just stands there, with a glazed look in her eyes. It's bizarre. Last night as we were going to bed, she was making the most pathetic whining was horrible! But she has to keep it on pretty much morning noon and night. We're going to ler her have some cone-free time when we're with her in the evenings, but that's about it.

I have to admit, it's pretty hysterical to watch and see her with the cone, but we're trying not too laugh at her too much. She's meeting Sailor boy's parents this weekend for the first time and we warned them last night that she may not be herself. I hope she doesn't figure out a way to get that cone off!

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Libby said...

Oh, poor little Spencer! I'm glad you arrived home and were able to get her to the vet when you did. She is, by the way, a complete ringer for Jethro!

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