Monday, December 3, 2012

Mom Style

I loved my maternity clothes - is that weird? Who doesn't love jeans with an elastic waistband and being able to wear yoga pants daily with no judgement? I also liked belting sweaters and cardigans over my bump and adding cute accessories so I felt good even when I was big as a house.

But I am pretty happy to have my "old" body back...or really my new "mommy body". It's a little different than it was before and that's totally ok. I doubt I'll be rocking a bikini at the pool this summer, but I'll be hunting this spring for some cute tankinis to chase Pres around the pool with.

Since I was pregnant over the winter and was in maternity clothes this time last year, I've been on a major shopping spree for cute holiday outfits for Christmas and all the holiday parties we will be attending this month. I want to look put together (working from home in my pj's has me craving getting dolled up on the weekends when I can!) and stylish, but still comfy to chase my now-mobile baby boy around.

Here's a few things I've purchased lately that I'm really loving for cute holiday looks:

The Britta necklace in Red (Bridier Baubles) - this basically dresses up any outfit and I love the red!

I'm wearing this GAP dress belted with tights for Jake's work holiday party in a few weeks - love the color and fit!

GAP plaid ruffle button down - for Christmas day with jeans and flats

This GAP sweater is great because you can dress it up or down - the stripes of the sleeves are sequined! Good for a more casual holiday party with jeans

LOFT cable knit sweater - super comfy and soft. The color is a great neutral and it also has a slight sparkle which makes it great for night time

I'm wearing this AT Loft top with a black skirt for my work holiday party

I got these grey cords for $19 from Old Navy and I've already worn them a ton - great for when you need something besides jeans but don't want to be super dressy

This silk button down from Old Navy is super comfy and longer so it looks great with skinny jeans

What are you wearing this holiday season?


AEOT said...

I just received that plaid Gap shirt and wore it on Friday- LOVE!!! Do you like your Britta Beads? I've wanted to order them but haven't bitten the bullet yet. I have a similar dress like that pink one from ON that I bought a size larger than normal when I was pregnant and I wore it a LOT! Loved it!! You have great taste!

KatiePerk said...

Excellent pics. I am mad for plaid this year!! Love the ruffle neckline.

Kate said...

I am going to look for that pink dress. So cute! I love the plaid ruffle top too

My sister asked for clothes for her birthday and Christmas. She was pregnant last winter too so she wants some new clothes for winter and spring

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