Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby Essentials 3-6 months

I decided to do another baby essentials post because I love finding out about cool and useful baby products on other blogs, so I wanted to share what P is into these days. 

Mesh Feeder

We got one of these from a friend who's daughter "outgrew" it and I didn't think much of it. Then teething started kicking out butt and I decided to try putting an ice cube in it to see if that would help P's sore gums. He LOVED it - I think the combination of the cold ice plus the texture of the mesh feels amazing on his gums. He gets 1-2 ice cubes a day in this thing and get so excited when he sees me pull it out and open the freezer. We haven't tried any food in it, but I plan to put grapes into it soon so P can chomp on them.

Zip Up Footed PJ's

I know people have different preferences on zipper vs. snaps for jams. We are a zipper family. It just so much easier, especially when he's wiggly or super tired and about to have a meltdown. The only downside is that his whole lower body and belly has to come out to change his diaper (vs. the snaps that you just open the bottom of), but we still prefer the zipper ones for their ease and quickness.
Carter's bramd zip up Christmas jams
We especially love the Stretchies from Children's Place because they fit P well and hold up - plus they are normally always on sale and have cute prints. I went a little crazy ordering Christmas ones.

Crane Humidifier (we have the dog one)
Unfortunately, P has had a nasty cough this month, combined with a stuffy nose. We started using the humidifier at night and it really helps to keep his nasal passages moist so that I can suck out the snot (using our Nose Frida - LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing! Gross, but so effective!). It's quiet, easy to fill with water and adorable.

OXO Tot Sprout Highchair

It's a pricey highchair (I started a "highchair fund" to budget for it) but I LOVE it and P spends a lot of time in it and seems to love it too. I wanted a highchair that was easy to clean and didn't have zoo animals or some other sort of gaudy baby print on it.
This is his first time in the highchair
We have the green one and it matches our dining room/living room decor perfectly - Ha! The foam pads are velcro so you can easy remove them to wipe or rinse them down.
The typical scene when Preston eats - his "shadow" waiting to help him clean up any scraps!
The tray is easy to get on and off with one hand and fits into our sink to rinse off as well. It's just a great highchair. The only downside is it a bit heavy since the bottom is wood and it doesn't fold up, but that doesn't really bother me too much.

Preston isn't impressed with the broccoli, but he loves the high chair!
 Playtex Lil' Grabber Straw Sippy Trainer Cup

We gave P a sippy cup around 5 months and I literally bought Target out of every single cup they had so we could find one that he would like.That turned out to be pointless because the second we handed him this straw sippy cup, he was in love! We don't even use any other cups really because he just loves the straw one so much. I was surprised that he knew to suck and got some water even the first time that we tried it.
He takes his sippy VERY seriously!

I've also heard/read that the straw sippys are good for mouth/jaw/tongue development because they use different muscles and teach them how to suck. Literally, the sippy cup might be his favorite thing right now - he is totally obsessed!

HALO Sleep Sacks

 Now that it's almost winter and much colder, we love the fleece sleep sacks for nighttime and naps. In the earlier fall, we were using the cotton ones. P has learned that when we lay him down in his crib and start to zip him into one of these, it's sleepy time. In the mornings, I normally find him chewing on the ends of the sleep sack, which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. We have at least 6 sleep sacks and I wouldn't mind have a few more - because of the chewing, we don't tend to use them more than 1 night before they need to be washed!

Skip Hop Hare Brush and Comb Set
It looks like Preston doesn't have much hair, but that's only because his hair is white blonde - he actually has quite a bit! And it's super crazy and all over the place (the sides are really long and stick out like Albert Einstein hair. And the top is still coming in so it stands straight up and looks like a huge cowlick)
Evidence of the crazy side hair! Albert Einstein!
Even though his hair is really fine, we found that brushing it several times a day (usually first thing in the morning and then after his bath) really helps to keep it from looking too crazy. This brush is really soft and SUPER cute - I love seeing it sit on his shelf. Total splurge item, but we love it.

The past few months, Preston has really started to take an interest and shows a preference to certain toys, so here's my list of toys that are P tested and approved!

Puppy Tails Book - he loves rubbing the tails all over his face and the crinkle noise that the book makes

OBall - easy for him to grab onto and it's helping him with crawling because he is constantly chasing it when it rolls away

Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse - He gets mesmerized by the glowing tummy and loves to grab on to the fins on the sides of the seahorse

Baby Einstein Take Away Tunes - He recently started loving this toy - he loves the beads on the handle and pushing the button to play the different music

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks - His favorite thing to do with these is to have me stack them and then he attacks it and makes them fall. Such a boy already!

Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror - Pres likes to look at himself in the mirror. Like, alot. He just loves this mirror, plain and simple.

Any other baby items that we should know about??

(Disclaimer - I was not compensated for these reviews or given any of these products - these are just things we use and love on a daily basis!)


Lindz said...

Never ceases to amaze me when I pop in over here and you post exactly what we're experiencing. Finn has those same jammies, we're zipper people, too. Teething is getting us as well... all of it.

Kate said...

The stretchies are the best for long and skinny babies! My nephew almost exclusively wears those now. Did you see the holiday dog one?! SO CUTE! I also got him the holiday penguins. I cannot deal with snaps on PJs. Way too difficult!

I love the Halo sleep sacks. H is almost 3 and still wears one of the big kid ones (with holes for feet) during his naps

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