Wednesday, November 21, 2012


About a week ago, we started solids with Preston. I had fully intended to wait until 6 months but I tried giving him a nice cool cucumber spear to chomp on for his teething gums and he was obsessed! So we started a bit early and so far, it's going really well. We are doing Baby Led Weaning (BLW) which basically allows the baby to feed themselves from the start and lets them decide what and how much to eat. You start giving them actual food (instead of purees) and they nom on it for a few weeks and then eventually start actually eating and swallowing.

Since Pres was 5.5 months when we started, I figured we have a little bit of a learning curve before he figured out the stuff on his tray was food and he was supposed to put it in his mouth. Umm no - he totally dove in and started stuffing everything we offered in his mouth. He's not actually swallowing too much right now, but that's totally fine. He's exploring textures and tastes so he learns about food and decides what he likes.

We are also doing a little bit of purees in the form of a "loaded spoon" (which is one of the concepts of BLW). We put a little bit of puree on a spoon and hand it to him and he puts it in his mouth - no more of us playing "airplane" or trying to shove a mush into his mouth for him. He is VERY into the spoon and feeding himself. It's pretty hilarious to see him feeding himself and of course, it's super messy! But I'm really loving this stage!

Pictures of my messy boy!

More cucumbers
Sweet potatoes, Broccoli and cucumbers


KatiePerk said...

I think BLW is awesome. Our daycare didn't really support it, so we did do purees at school and finger foods at home. It is so cute to see little ones feed themselves!!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Awesome! Ash is also 5.5 months but I'm going to wait until 6 months because I'm sort of sad to not be his only food source! BLW sounds right up my alley. Fun!

Kate said...

I love the idea of BLW. I hope to do it with my own kids. My sister is doing a modified version with my nephew (some purees but mostly finger foods).

Rebecca @ the lil house that could said...

We have that high chair and love it!

My son is a week older than yours and we just started solids this week. We're really interested in the BLW stuff and we'll probably do a combo type of thing. I didn't know about the loaded spoon but now I want to try it!

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