Wednesday, September 26, 2012

White Jeans for Fall?

In a post-baby shopping spree that I did a few weeks ago, I was able to score a pair of white cropped skinny jeans from AT Loft --- for $14.99!!! Score!

These aren't the exact ones because they aren't on the website anymore, but they basically look exactly like this

However, now that it's late September, I'm unsure of how to wear them into fall. Can I still rock them now that summer is over and the weather is cooler? To be honest, I haven't even worn them yet. It was still too hot a few weeks ago and now that the weather has changed, I'm just not sure how to pull them off without looking like I'm in the wrong season.

I'm planning on wearing them with a chambray button down and a pair of leopard flats, like this:

Can I wear them with brown leather riding boots once it gets cooler? What else can I wear them with to be seasonally appropriate? And when do I have to put them away for good?


Hilary Lane said...

I grew up in the epi-center of "NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!" aka the Bible Belt, but I honestly didn't even know that was a rule until I went to college and all the girls on my hall were just plain MEAN to girls they saw on campus wearing white after Labor Day. I still think it's a dumb rule and occasionally wear my white shorts whenever I feel like it, but nasty-girl comments are always floating in the back of my head. I say rock them! I love the white jean look!

Lily said...

I definitely think they work for fall!! They would be very cute with brown boots, a sweater and scarf. It especially works with more fall colors, like forest green!

Lindz said...

Heck yes you can keep wearing them. I do. Add a black top and boots or a sweater, chambray OR jewel/fall tones and you can keep rockin them. Winter is when it gets sketchy.

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