Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Day in the Life...

I think it's fun to read other people's 'day in the life' posts, so I thought I would share our normal weekday!

Monday, September 24th:
5:23am - I hear P babbling in his crib. Yikes it's early. His new "thing" is to wake up early and "talk" and we gauge if he really needs/wants us or he's content to just hang out for a while. I watch him on the video monitor and he's happily talking to the canvases above his crib. I decided he's ok to stay in his crib and try to catch some more sleep.

6:20am - My alarm goes off. I must have fallen back to sleep and so did Preston because when I look at the monitor, he's fast asleep after his gab-fest this morning. Sweet.

6:25am - Jake gets out of bed and hops in the shower. I get up, throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt and put my contacts in. I am also super OCD about having our bed made, so I make it first thing on mornings that Preston is still asleep.

6:30am - I head into P's room and start to wake him up. I really hate to wake him up, but we have to get started on our morning to get everyone ready for work/daycare. He's always in a really good mood when I wake him up, so that helps. He grins at me as soon as his eyes open and I ask him how his dreams were. I unswaddle him and he stretches his arms up right away after having them tucked in all night.

6:35am - Diaper Change. He gets sort of fussy during this first diaper change because he's still semi-asleep so I normally spin the mobile over the changing table to distract him.

6:40am - We head downstairs and I grab his morning bottle out of the fridge. I gather my supplies - the boppy, a pacifier and a burp cloth. We sit on the couch, prop ourselves with the boppy and I start to feed him. Luckily, Preston takes his bottles cold right out of the fridge, which makes it so much easier for all of us.

6:47am - Time for his first burping break after about 2.5oz. I pull the bottle out and put his paci in as quickly as I can before he notices. This is our weird burping routine, but he will not burp without the paci because he gets so upset at having the bottle taken out of his mouth. He burps pretty quickly and I give him the bottle back. Happy baby.

6:53am - Bottle is now finished, so we do the final burp of the bottle and then cuddle on the couch. Jake comes downstairs after getting dressed for work and starts the coffee.

7:00am - I put P in his bouncy chair and hand him his blankey (a taggie blanket that he's completely obsessed with). He happily starts chewing on the tags and rubbing the minky fabric all over his face.
Loving on his blankey
7:05am - I make my normal breakfast...a bowl of cheerios with sliced strawberries. Jake is toasting his english muffin. He pours himself a cup of hot coffee and pours me a glass of iced coffee from the fridge. I make up a big pitcher of iced coffee on Sunday mornings to have all week.

7:15am - Breakfast is done for the adults so I move P into the kitchen in his chair and Jake gets the dog ready for her morning walk - she is lazy in the mornings so he has to drag her out of her bed and put on her collar. I clean up the kitchen, make the bottles for daycare and chat with Preston about random things while Jake walks Spencer.

7:32am - I take P and we head upstairs to change his diaper and get dressed for the day. The weather is weird (cold in the mornings but warm by afternoon) so it makes getting dressed more challenging. We decide on a short sleeve onesie and a pair of pants with feet built in because I cannot get socks to stay on his feet.

7:40am - Jake is back from walking the dog and he's feeding her breakfast. Preston and I stand in the kitchen chatting with Jake while he loads up Preston's bottles and leftovers for his lunch into a bag.

7:43am - Preston hates getting into his carseat, so as soon as we set him into it, he starts fussing. I give him his paci and he tolerates that as we buckle him in. I give him a final kiss and tell him to have a good day at school.

7:45am - Jake and Preston head off to work/school. I run upstairs to brush my teeth and grab a glass of water before heading down to my office in the basement to start working.

8:00am - Work computer is on and I answer a few emails to start my day.

8:10am - I realize it's a cloth diaper laundry day, so I start the load with a cold rinse. 

8:30am - Every Monday morning at 8:30am, I have a conference call with my team that lasts about an hour so I login to the call and put on my headset for the call. The call is pretty typical and everyone fills each other in on their schedules for the week. Working remotely, it's actually nice to have this check in to talk to my other team members since I rarely see them in person.

9:35am - Call is over and I go upstairs to fix myself a snack. I've been obsessed with Trader Joe's cookie butter, so I slice an apple and spread the cookie butter on it. Yum!
9:42am - I head back downstairs and look at my calendar. I have another conference call at 10:00am so I answer a few more emails before that call. I also do the hot wash for the cloth diapers.

10:00am - I call into my next conference call and it hasn't started yet, so I'm put on hold.

10:05am - Still on hold and listening to the muzak.

10:08am - Still on hold, so I send a quick email to the call organizer. He responds that he moved the call to 5:00pm today...thanks for the heads up! But then he tells me that I don't need to be on that call - sweet!

10:09am - Off the phone and answer yet a few more emails (sense a trend?). The diapers get their final cold rinse.

10:30am - I start my calls for the day and speak to several clients and type my notes into our shared access drive so I can have our team admin send out the thank you gifts to them - our customer appreciation week is coming up.

11:55am - I've made 9 calls and I decide it's time for a lunch break. Before going upstairs, I pull the diapers out, hang them on the drying rack and put them in the back yard to dry.

12:00pm - It's perfect running weather, so I want head out on a run before I eat. I change into my running clothes and put Spencer's harness on - she's my running partner!

12:04pm - We start our run and do our usual loop which is about 3 miles. It's so amazing outside so I'm tempted to go a little farther today, but I'm also hungry and my hunger wins out.

12:35pm - Arrive back home and Spencer and I both drink tons of water. She lays on the kitchen floor to cool off on the tile floor and I start to make myself a turkey and provolone sandwich.

12:40pm - I eat my sandwich on the couch while playing on Facebook. I get a handful of chocolate chips as dessert and a small glass of milk.

1:00pm - Back down in my basement office and I continue to make calls. I don't have any client appointments today, so I put off taking a shower for a few more minutes so I can finish up a bit early today and go get P from daycare.

3:23pm - Wrapping up my work for the day and I go upstairs to take a shower. After my shower (dressed back in yoga pants) I have a bunch of grapes and tidy up the house a little bit, mainly just putting baby items away and I Swiffer-vac the kitchen floor.

3:45pm - I head out to go pick up P from daycare. 

3:55pm - Arrive at daycare and get into P's classroom, where I find him happily eating a bottle while being held by his teacher, Ms. Regina.

4:00pm - I'm chatting with his other teacher, Ms. Terri, about how Preston's day was. She informs me that he did his normal "cat napping" that he started doing a few weeks ago, but he's been in a happy mood most of the day and loves going outside.

4:10pm - P has finished his bottle, so we get his stuff loaded up and head home.

4:25pm - Sitting in a bit of traffic to get home. Preston gets fussy because he hates his carseat if we aren't moving. I manage to toss his Lamaze Octopus toy into his carseat and it distracts him for about 5 minutes. Luckily we are close to home.

4:30pm - We arrive home, change his diaper and clothes and since he's in a pretty good mood, we do a little tummy time. Sometimes after daycare he's overstimulated and cranky but today he's tolerating the tummy time pretty well. He shows me his new trick - rolling over! OMG, mobile baby!

4:45pm - Preston starts squawking that he's had enough tummy time, so I scoop him up and take him downstairs. Spencer is giving me the "take me for a walk" eyes, so I load P up in the Beco (facing out - the only way he tolerates being worn now) put Spencer's leash on and we do a quick loop around our neighborhood. P is obsessed with being outside so he's happy to be looking around and I show him some leaves. He tries to reach out and grab them and I have to stop him from putting them in his mouth. How can I already have a baby who can do this sort of stuff???

5:10pm - We're back home. I get P out of the carrier, feed Spencer dinner and realize I need to think about what we're going to eat.

5:15pm - Preston is in his bouncy chair in the kitchen and he's giggling uncontrollably at his hands. Ahh simple pleasures! I typically put on the Jack Johnson Pandora station in the evenings and sing along, which he also thinks is quite funny. I pull out ground turkey from the freezer and thaw it out in the microwave. Since I haven't done any meal planning this week, we're having an exciting dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce. Easy and quick!

5:40pm - Jake is home! Everyone is happy to see him. I bring P upstairs while Jake is changing out of his work clothes. Preston lays on our bed and is mesmerized by the ceiling fan. We chat about our days and Jake does a game of "airplane" with P which they both love. While the boys are playing, I bring the diapers in from outside - they're dry!

6:05pm - Jake takes Preston downstairs and I gather up P's bath stuff. We do a bath every other night and tonight is a bath night. I fill up the bathtub in the kitchen sink and we get the little man naked and into the tub.
This is a common occurrence during bath time - Bubble afro!

6:15pm - Preston loves bath time, but he starts to get fussy, so we rinse him and get him wrapped up in the towel. Jake grabs his bedtime bottle and puts in his reflux medicine that he gets twice a day.

6:20pm - Upstairs we do an overnight diaper and PJ's. P is also dealing with some excema, so he gets a little lotion rub down/massage, which he actually doesn't like very much. He's definitely getting tired and hungry.

6:30pm - In the rocking chair in his room, I start his last bottle of the day and Jake asks which books Preston wants for tonight. We decide on Barnyard Dance (everyone's favorite!) and The Very Busy Spider.

6:45pm - Bottle is finished, so I cuddle P in the chair while Jake sits on the ottoman and reads both books. Preston loves looking at the pictures and reaches out to chew on the books.

7:05pm - I am still cuddling the little boy because it's my favorite part of the day. He's starting to fall asleep - we are working on getting him to go to sleep on his own, so I put him in his crib and swaddle him in the Miracle Blanet before he's all the way asleep. He gets his paci, a quick head rub and a good night kiss.

7:10pm - I grab the video monitor and we go downstairs to start cooking dinner.

7:15pm - Jake browns up the ground turkey and I grab the pasta. Dinner comes together really fast and I'm happy because I'm starving!

7:35pm - We sit down to eat in front of the TV in the living room - bad habit, but we like to watch Jeopardy while we eat! I check the monitor and P is fast asleep.

8:00pm - Kitchen is cleaned up. I work on stuffing the diapers so they're ready for tomorrow and Jake plays on the computer.

9:30pm - I'm half paying attention to what Jake is watching on TV and I check my email/read blogs/Facebook, etc. I think I should probably go to bed.

10:15pm - I make up a pitcher of formula so it's ready for tomorrow. I also make a bottle for the morning and put reflux medicine in it.

10:30pm - Face washed, teeth brushed and in bed. Jake takes the dog out for the last time.

10:40pm - Lights out and I'm pretty much asleep immediately!

Tomorrow it will start all over again!


Megan said...

Ohhh lucky you, my child never babbbled and then went back to sleep it was always full on screaming when she woke up :) You have on jam packed day!

JulesTX said...

The picture of the bubble afro is adorbale !

JDub said...

Cookie Butter on apples - YUM! I'm so doing this.

BunBun said...

So glad you shared this! It is fun to see how others spend their time =)

Completely random... just stumbled upon your blog... we married on the same date and both had yellow flowers!!

I should be joining you on the mom side of things as well (36 weeks yesterday!) Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

ms. mindless said...

the bubble afro could not be any cuter!

Kate said...

The bubble afro is hilarious! So cute!

My nephew does the same chatting between 5-6 AM. Some days he stays awake until my sister gets him up, other days he falls back to sleep. I love how babies practice their milestones in the crib! (chatting is fun but awful when they learn to stand and can't get back down yet!)

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