Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Essentials 0-3 Months

I did one of these lists for the newborn stage (under a month) but I thought I'd update with the items that got us through the last 3 months!

Sleep Gowns
We started using these gowns at night about a month ago and we love them. Not only is it super easy to do diaper changes because you just pull the gown up, an unexpected benefit is that it keeps P's legs confined so he can't break out of the bottom of his swaddle blanket like he does in footed PJ's. Is it wrong that we use these to limit his mobility? HA! We would always see a rouge foot or leg come out of the bottom of the swaddle blanket in regular PJ's and that would lead to him completely breaking out of the swaddle and then waking up in frustration. So keeping his legs in these gowns keeps him swaddled which means more sleep for everyone. It's a win-win.

Lamaze Tug and Play Activity Knot

This is the first toy that Preston has really shown interest in. We keep it clipped to his car seat and it gives us a few minutes of quiet if he's super fussy. It has some different textures, a mirror and bright colors, so it keeps his attention - his favorite thing is to rub the furry brown triangle on his nose. Or eat it.

Fisher Price Bouncer Seat
Basically this seat is the only way I can make dinner in the evenings. Ours is a different pattern (ours is farm animal themed) and I got it on super clearance at Target when I was barely pregnant - I think I paid $11? Let me tell you, I would have paid $111 for this thing. It doesn't have any bells or doesn't make noise or light up, but P absolutely loves it. Most of the time, he chills in it and looks around, but he also enjoys looking at the toys on the little attachment and spinning them around. In the mornings, he will also take short snoozes in it, which allows us to eat breakfast. Here's proof that he is super comfy in this chair:
via Instragram

California Baby Super Sensitive Baby Wash
Yes, this is probably one of the most expensive bottles of body wash ever ($18 for 8oz) however, it took us 3 months to go through it (and that's with not using it sparingly - we dump a bunch in during bath time), so that really only works out to $6 a month. Preston has the most sensitive skin EVER and we didn't realize how awesome this body wash was until we ran out. We used a bottle of Johnson and Johnson's that I got at my shower for 2 days and he completely broke out in a rash. And I totally I ran out to Target at like 9pm to stock up on more of this stuff. It has absolutely no smell, which I actually like because I don't want my baby to smell like flowers or lavender. We also use their Everday Lotion after bath time and love how light and non-greasy it is.

Beco Gemini

As I've mentioned before, P is a fan of being worn. In his 3rd month, however, he started having a fit when I would carry him facing in - little man wanted to face out and see the world! The Beco saved us - he can face out, but it doesn't kill my back because this carrier puts the weight on your hips instead of back. It's made walks so much fun because we can walk up to trees and flowers and show them to Preston and he gets so excited. And I've also totally worn him around the house while I did chores when he refused to be put down and just wanted to look around, like so:
via Instagram


So I thought P was just a really drooly baby until my mom looked in his mouth at 2 months old and found a white spot where his first tooth is coming up. Yes, baby boy was teething at 2 months. The tooth hasn't popped up yet, but I think he'll be rocking a pearly white by the time he's 4 months. Yikes. Anyways, we now have to keep a bib on him at all times due to the high volume of saliva that is constantly flowing out of his mouth. We love these bibs from Carters because they have a waterproof backing so his clothes stay dry:
My only complaint is that I wish they made more plain colored ones that didn't have zoo animals or slogans on them. We also use these plain white bibs for daycare - they aren't as thick, but they do the job and are very neutral.

And honorable mentions go to our Baby Jogger City Elite stroller (we're still totally loving it!), Avent Bottles (super easy to clean and don't have a ton of parts to deal with), Pottery Barn hooded towels (complete splurge, but we love how big and plush these towels are - and who can resist a cute wet baby in a hooded towel? We have the whale with the monogram of course!) and my Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag (totally in love with this bag! I carry it even when P isn't with me)


agalandherdog said...

I love these posts. I'll definitely be referring to them later. Have a great weekend!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Dang, I need some of those bibs! Ash is SO drooly, too. We also love gowns at night!

Kim said...

These are all such great products and so many things that we have lived with loving these past months!!

Kim said...'ve left a comment on my blog and I have tried to reply and write back but it doesn't have your email and I didn't see it on your profile page either. Just wanted to let you know I was trying to reply to your comment :)

ms. mindless said...

1. I LOVE California Baby products. Have you ever used the buy spray? I swear it is my favorite summer perfume! I know, I am nuts.

2. The pic of him in the swing is precious. Like most adorable baby sleep ever.

Lindz said...

Glad to hear about your carrier! Finn likes the Ergo thus far and always has but I have a feeling he's soon going to prefer facing out.

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