Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I love: Fall Edition

After sharing my love for the pumpkin scone from Starbucks yesterday, I realized there's tons of things that I love and/or want for fall! I got these last week from Target ($24.99!!) and I heart them so much. They are SUPER comfortable and since I wear flats to work pretty much every day because I'm running around all over the place, I have a feeling these will be my new fall shoe! I got them in that fab raspberry color, but I'm thinking I might need to go back for the black ones!

Decorating our house for Halloween! Yes, I'm a little bit late in doing this, but oh well. We're getting mums and pumpkins this weekend and I can't wait to turn our front porch into Halloween central! (even though it won't be anywhere near as good as Martha's!)

We got a wedding gift last week in the mail - a fire pit! I'm so excited about using it. We already decided we're going to brick out an area in our backyard to put it. We also got a wonderful housewarming gift from my godparents a few weeks ago - adirondack chairs! They will be perfect to use with the fire pit!

I guess I really am getting old - this is the ONLY thing on my birthday list this year (bday countdown = 11 days!!). Such a practical and somewhat boring present, but it's definitely what I want/need. Our fireplace doesn't have any sort of a screen, so we really can't use it until we get one. Love this one from Pottery Barn because it has the doors you can open while you tend to the fire...much easier than moving the screen every time you have to add a log to the fire.

What do you love or want for fall??


BRD said...

I love those shoes! I have tried them on at Target so many times but worried they would not be comfortable. Now I have a reason to buy them! Thanks!

I also love Fall/Halloween decorating, and you will use that fire pit all the time this Fall (if it stops being so cold!)

--DC Prep

Anonymous said...

I almost bought those shoes the other day! They are so cute :)

I would love a fire pit!


QueenBeeSwain said...

fires are just the best, aren't they?! so cozy :)


Katiesperk said...

I like those shoes too. I have to get our pumpkins STAT or there aren't going to be any left! I like the firescreen you picked out! (I feel you on the old part. I am asking for a freezer. What is the world coming too?)

Anonymous said...

I am loving your list! That fire pit is too awesome...I soooo want one! Love the shoes too! Hope your having great day! = )

the Mrs Hinz said...

OMG i saw those shoes at target this weekend and ALMOST got them! they are too cute for words.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I have those flats in black and wear them constantly!

Freck said...

So cute, loving the flats!!

honey my heart said...

cute shoes, love the color!

Katiesperk said...

About the monogram pumpkins.. We compromised. He gets to carve them up closer to Halloween and he has free reign...Ahh married life.

Jules said...

Those flats from Target are so cute and they look like they’re real suede. I think I saw these in a magazine recently. The color is so pretty and I love the ruffles! We’re also late to our Halloween decorating. I need to run and get some mums and pumpkins!

I can’t wait to have a house with a backyard so we can have a firepit and toast marshmallows. I also love the screen that you picked out from Potterybarn.

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