Friday, October 9, 2009

Shiny and New!

My sweet hubby installed our new dishwasher last week and I think I'm in love! I can't get over how amazing it is - super quiet and everything is so CLEAN! Our old dishwasher (the original with the house) was HORRIBLE - nothing was clean when you unloaded it and the worst didn't have a silverware basket! Weirdest thing ever that the old owners either lost or took the basket with them??? Yeah, I have no idea. And Home Depot does not just sell a basket for dishwashers, you have to special order them. Umm special order a product for a 20 year old dishwasher? No thank you.

Once we started using all our new beautiful kitchen stuff that we got from the wedding, within 2 days, I was begging J for a dishwasher. It was horrible to watch my beautiful new Lenox everyday china come out of the old dishwasher dirty and gross. Since we were planning on replacing it this winter anyway, we decided to just bite the bullet and get it a few months early (thank you wedding money!). We shopped around and ended up finding a Kenmore at Sears for a really reasonable price. I seriously L-O-V-E it (and Jake for installing it so quickly)!!

I've been on a picture kick, so of course I took pics of the whole process!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our old awful dishwasher. This was after J had already pulled the old one out. Just use your imagination to think of the ugliest, oldest beige dishwasher EVER!

The hole - new dishwasher about go to in! Please don't judge my ugly and outdated kitchen - YUCK! Hate the counters, cabinets, sink - pretty much the whole thing!!

And the nice new beautiful dishwasher! AHHHH so pretty!

I really never knew I would get so excited about a kitchen appliance!

My cute husband after completing his handiwork! I love him!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend!


QueenBeeSwain said...

you are one lucky-duck: a hubby that understands all of that nonsense AND he's adorable! great work!


Cyn City said...

YAY! We just got a new dishwasher too... gotta love a handy hubby :)

Miss M! said...

We just got a new dishwasher last week, and I blogged about it too! It's the little joys in life, I tell ya. You're very lucky that your husband is handy like that too!

SweetPea said...

I just mentioned you in a post, I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I would kill to get a dishwasher! I have been hand washing now for 10 stinking years! Have fun and enjoy! Hope you have a great weekend! = )

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