Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Essentials 6-9 months

Thought I would share the products we're using and loving that have gotten us through the last few months. Here's our newborn list, 0-3 months and 3-6 months if you are interested.

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib
Licking the bib clean!
This bib is fantastic. I love that it catches all the food P drops and then he can reach in to pick it back up. It's helped so much with keeping him somewhat clean during meal time because it catches so much.
Cheeseball face
 Don't get me wrong, he's still covered in food at the end of a meal, but this bib does help a lot. I love that it's super easy to clean as well - just rinse and hang it up!

Fisher Price Activity Walker

Preston's Nana and Pop got him this walker for Christmas and it's been a huge hit in our house ever since. He now basically runs with it and has recently started learning how to walk backwards with it, as well as turn and steer.

It folds flat so it's pretty portable - we take it when we're spending the day at the grandparents' house. Preston makes the cutest excited squeal when he's walking with it and usually grins from ear to ear as he's pushing it around the house.


This has quickly become Preston's favorite snack. We usually give him a small cup of Cheerios at the start of breakfast and lunch because the second he's in his highchair, he's ready to EAT.
Sharing Cheerios with the dog
They have helped so much with his pincher grasp. Plus they are cheap and we can buy them in bulk at Sam's Club!

Walmart Faded Glory White Socks (I cannot find these online)
Yes, my son is playing with a duck call. I swear we are not hillbillies. FOCUS ON THE SOCKS!
These are the only socks that stay on. A 10 pack is like $6. They are basic and go with everything. It's also super easy to match them when folding laundry. Preston wears these every day to daycare and saves his "fancy/cute" socks for weekends when we are out. And all those fancy/cute socks fall off after 5 minutes. When they start to look dingy, I just bleach them back to white and they are as good as new.

Britax Marathon Classic Convertible Carseat
We got this on super clearance from Target on Black Friday and moved Preston up right around 6 months. I love this carseat.

Ignore the face - he does love the carseat!
It's highly safety rated and he seems very comfortable. The clip is easy to do with one hand and it's easy to adjust and make the straps tighter.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
We've been using this little sound machine since Preston was born, but I've really come to love it in the past few months. We typically turn it on as we're starting our bedtime routine and I think Preston has started associating the music with sleep. We use the little recorded lullabies that it plays, but it also plays white noise, heart beat, nature sounds, etc. You can also plug in your iPod/iPhone, which I do when we're playing in his room. Super easy to use and small so it doesn't take up a ton of room on his nightstand.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Chair
This is a great portable highchair - we are still loving our Oxo Tot Sprout highchair for home - but we take this foldable chair with us on trips, grandparent's house, etc. It folds down and has a carrying strap, plus it's really lightweight so we can throw it in the car easily. It's also really easy to clean

And here's a list of toys/books that Preston is obsessed with right now:

Where is my Baby?  (we read this ALL.DAY.LONG. I think he likes the bright colors and the flaps)

Belly Button Book (Sandra Boynton books are a huge hit in our house for the parents and the baby!)

Melissa and Doug Grasping Dinosaur (he's just recently started loving twisting all the parts on this toy)

B. Toys Parum Pum Pum Drum (probably his favorite toy right now - I love the quality of these toys)

LeapFrog My Pal Scout (you can program this to say your baby's name - Preston recently realized it was saying his name and he was so excited)

So that's our 6-9 month list of baby gear. Again, I was not compensated or given any of these items - just sharing what we love!

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