Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's in my Kindle - Baby Edition

It's funny how the only books I seem to read these days are baby related - I'm either reading Goodnight Moon or some sort of parenting book. Right after I had P, I realized we hadn't read any books about what to do after the baby is born. We had been so wrapped up in reading pregnancy and labor books and then when he was born, I knew we needed to find a few books to help us understand what this little crying person needed and wanted.

Honestly, it was difficult to find any parenting books that weren't super extreme - I feel like most parenting books are on very broad ends of the spectrum. Some tell you to let your 7 week old cry it out and others tell you that the baby should be sleeping in your bed until he's 2. There's not a lot of middle of the road parenting books, which bummed me out. After obsessively searching Amazon, here's the current parenting/baby books downloaded in my Kindle...

Happiest Baby on the Block
This was a lifesaver the first few weeks of P's life. Most people have heard of the 5 S's - swaddle, shush, side, suck and swing. He needs ALL 5 "S's" to fall asleep sometimes. It's pretty remarkable how quickly he settles down once we start doing these techniques - especially helpful at 4am!

The Wonder Weeks
I am currently OBSESSED with this book. The premise is that babies undergo 10 mental "leaps" in the first 20 months of their life - basically periods in their development where they learn how to do things they couldn't do before. These "leaps" often are marked by fussiness or other frustrating behaviors and this book helps you figure out what is going on and how to handle it. P is currently in his 8 week "leap" so things are super fun around our house right now!

Baby Led Weaning
We obviously aren't to the point where Preston is ready for food, but I'm reading it in preparation for when he's 6 months old and is ready to join us at the dinner table. I love the premise of feeding your baby exactly what you are eating and skipping the rice cereal and purees!

Happy Reading!

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