Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things I'm loving

Could it be? A non-baby related post?? Ha! Here's a quick list of things I'm loving right now:

J.Crews new iphone cases!
LOVE the anchor and the paisley. They also have an fabulous leopard print and colorblock on their website. I may need to upgrade my plain pink case to one of these new beauties!

Old Navy Super Skinny colored jeans

I love the colored jean trend, but refuse to pay a lot for them. At $34.50, I can afford to get a few pairs! I'm thinking the green and yellow may be making their way into my closet very soon.

Target leopard print flats

Leopard print with pink trim and a bow? For $19.99? Yes, please! These might help make my transition back to work in the fall a little easier!


I think the whole world is obsessed with this right now, but it's so addictive and it gives me something to do with the 18474737374743 pictures I take of baby boy every day. Feel free to follow me at:

And as always, I'm loving this adorable little man!


MCW said...

He is getting so big!

I just put instagram on my phone...haven't gotten addicted yet.

Bailey said...

Those leopard print flats are so cute, and your little boy is ADORABLE! :) Love your blog!


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