Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking the Colored Jean Trend a little too far...

So I'm all about the colored jean trend and I'm currently slightly bummed that I can't run out and buy several pairs of cute spring colors to wear right now. I can't really justify buying colored maternity jeans for the last 8 weeks of this pregnancy, so I guess I will wait until June/July and buy some as my first "mommy" jeans!

Anyways, as I was stalking Old Navy online for some cheap and cute deals for the little man, I came across these IN THE BABY BOY SECTION and I think that the colored jean trend may have been taken a bit too far...
Really? I'm supposed to put my 2 month old son in bright pink jeans? The green isn't horrible, but I'm still not sure that the little dude would be rocking these either. I think J would DIE if I came home with these for the baby and there's no way in hell he would let him leave the house wearing them.

The weirdest part to me is that Old Navy doesn't have any colored jeans for baby girls! Apparently they think that only boys should be wearing this latest trend? But I guess if you have a baby girl, you can always get the fun pink ones and put her in them anyways - that's what I would do at least! But you just might have to look in the boy section to find them!

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colored jeans said...

So cute and inspiring. I love the red jeans.

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