Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is IT!

I'm now officially off from work!!!! t-3 DAYS!! HOLY HELL!!! But I am actually really really calm and everything is together. Today is my honeymoon packing day, tomorrow is all my appointments (hair, nails, waxing) and then Friday is my bridal luncheon thrown my my aunts and the rehearsal! I'm not nervous at all - JUST EXCITED!! I just can't wait to be MARRIED to Jake and go on our fabulous honeymoon. We tried on our wedding bands last night and started laughing hysterically. Speaking of, even though this is probably bad luck, I snuck a picture of my new ring and how I will look as a "Mrs."

So this is my last post until after the honeymoon - I'll be back in mid-September with tons of recaps and PICTURES!!!! 

I thought I would leave this meme about me and the future husband...

What are your middle names?
Joy and Nolen
How long have you been together? It will be 4 years in October - engaged for one of those years. 
How long did you know each other before you started dating? right away - we met on a Wednesday and went on a date that following week. 
Who asked whom out? The night we met, he asked for my phone number. He called me two days later and we made plans for drinks and dinner the next week. After that 1st date, we pretty much saw each other constantly
How old are each of you? me - 27, him - 29. He'll be the big 3-0 in October!! 
Whose siblings do/did you see the most? Considering I'm an only child, his. His brother and sister-in-law are both in our wedding
Do you have any children together? Nope.
What about pets? Our lovable and loud hound dog, Spencer that we adopted about a year and a half ago. She's basically like our child. 
Did you go to the same school? No, we met after college. 
Who is the smartest? We're both smart about different things, but J is pretty damn smart about most stuff. 
Who is more sensitive? Me
Where do you eat out most as a couple? We've really cut back on eating out since we bought our house. We tend to eat breakfast out the most, and we go to a few local places by our house. 
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? San Diego, CA. But after next week, it will be ARUBA!! 
Who has the craziest exes? Neither of us really have "ex" issues at all. 
Who has the worst temper? Hmm probably both of us. Luckily we hardly ever fight, but it's sort of loud when we do. 
Who does the cooking? About equal - we cook alot together as well. 
Who is more social? Probably about equal. But since he's in real estate, he can talk to a brick wall and he's always gabbing to whoever will listen. 
Who is the neat-freak? Hands down, ME!
Who is more stubborn? We are both pretty stubborn, but probably me. 
Who wakes up earlier? We both wake up at the same time, when his alarm goes off at 6:30am. He has to be at work earlier, but I usually go running with the dog while he's getting ready. 
Where was your first date? We went to grab dinner and drinks at this bar/restaurant in our town. We ended up staying for like 4 hours talking. It was a restaurant called Sean Donlon's, which has since changed ownership and gotten a new name. 
Who has the bigger family? We both have pretty small immediate families, but our extended families are both fairly large - I think he does have a few more cousins than me. 
Do you get flowers often? Only a few times, but I get flowers about once a week at work, so he knows it's just a waste of his money because my floral vendors are always dropping flowers off for me. 
How do you spend the holidays? We try to split them (go to someone's family for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas). It's really hard, obviously. Both of our families are local, so the first couple of years we thought we could visit both in 1 day - HORRIBLE! It totally ruins the holiday by having to drive all over the place. So that led us to the splitting thing and I think it works pretty well. 
Who is more jealous? Neither, really. 
How long did it take to get serious? Not very long. We were definitely inseperable pretty quickly (within a few weeks) and all of our friends could tell. We said "I love you" after about 3 months. We moved in together after 2 years and got engaged a year later
Who eats more? I eat more smaller meals throughout the day, but he eats WAY bigger portions than me. 
Who does/did the laundry?  We share that chore - he does a fair amount of laundry on Saturdays while I'm at work and then I usually finish it up on Mondays on my day off. 
Who’s better with the computer? Me - Jake is not very tech-savvy at all. I cringe when he wants to get on my computer because I'm scared he will break something. 
Who drives when you are together? We usually split that evenly actually. It also depends on where we are going. We both think the other one is a horrible driver. J is a GRANDPA driver - SO slow. He says I'm a reckless driver and we're going to die in an accident one day. lovely. 

YAY!!! I can't believe this time next week I WILL BE MARRIED!!


Posh Peach said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I am SO excited for you. You're going to be the most beautiful bride ever! I will be thinking about you and hoping your day goes perfectly. Love you grandbig and happy wedding!!!!

KatiePerk said...

It is almost here!! Good luck and enjoy yourself! Remember to stand up straight! (This is because I slouched in several photos that were frightening afterwards!!) Love the ring and wedding bands! So happy for you!! Have fun!!

Angela said...

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your day and of COURSE enjoy Aruba!! I cant wait for pictures! :)

EJR said...

Yay! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous! Your ring and band look look gorgeous. I hope everything goes as planned and that you have a fantastic time in ARUBA! Early congrats.

QueenBeeSwain said...

thrilled to bits for you :) drink it all in and enjoy the moment!


The Pink Chick said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! Best wishes on your wedding! I know it will be perfect!

I love your rings! They are so pretty!!!!

Hailey HRH said...

good luck! eeeee! so exciting.

P*P*P said...

YAY!!! Best wishes for you and your future hubby!! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see all of the re-caps! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Love the rings!! Early congrats!!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about everything and how it all goes. Good luck and enjoy every minute of it!

Jules said...

Congratulations and your rings look beautiful together! Enjoy your special day and have a lovely honeymoon. I can't wait to see pics :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

It's coming SO SOON!!! You'll be a gorgeous bride! Enjoy every minute!!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wedding!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

Good gravy! Time has flown! I'm so excited for you. Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! I'll be thinking about you this weekend! :-) Can't wait to hear and see all about it!!! xoxo

Always Organizing said...

Have a wonderful wedding and a fabulous time on your honeymoon! Gorgeous rings :)

MCW said...

Congratulations! Have an amazing, perfect time!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i'm so excited! the ring combo is beautiful. i know it will be perfect. most of all, have fun!

Hannah D. said...

Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! You are going to be a beautiful bride! Cant wait to hear about it when you get back "Mrs"! = )

Nora said...

Good luck on your big day!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Megan said...

Congrats! I just found your blog and I can't wait to follow along when you get back :)

KAC said...

Congratulations and good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...


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