Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Old, Something New...

Now that all the craziness has died down from my friend K's wedding, I realize I need to get my butt in gear for mine. No more slacking! 

My mom and I have been working on my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here's what we have so far:

Something old:
Lace from my mom's wedding dress. I don't have any pictures yet, but my mom's dress has the MOST amazing lace trim and we will be removing it to add it to the wrap on my bouquet! It's sort of scallopy and even has sort of like a pom pom trim...not really sure how to describe it, but it's so pretty! I'll take pics soon.

Something new:
My dress, shoes and jewelry. A pretty boring something new, but that's all I got. I still haven't found my shoes yet, but I think I did find earrings:
(from White Aisle)
Still need a bracelet though....I'm on the hunt!

Something borrowed:
This is the one that makes me so emotional. I'm borrowing my aunts wedding veil, from 1968. Not only is it absolutely perfect, it also has lace on it from my grandmother's wedding...from 1949! My aunt added some of her lace to her veil and kept it wonderfully preserved. It's a very basic fingertip length veil and the lace is just around the bottom edge. Pictures to come!

Something blue:
A monogrammed insert swatch in baby blue. We are using another section of my mom's wedding dress for the swatch, and then my other aunt is going to embroider my new monogram and the wedding date on it, then sew it into the back of my dress, like this one:

What are/were your 4 special things? 


Brittany Ann said...

I love your blog:) And I love that you're wearing your aunt's veil!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I love all of your things! I can't wait until I get to do my own. I have about a thousand ideas of what I will do, but I know my something old will be the necklace or earrings my mom wore when she got married. Your earrings are really pretty!

Erin said...

Something old: My grandmother's locket that has her monogram on it and her's and my grandfather's pictures inside. My mom wore it on her wedding day as something borrowed.

Something new: Dress, veil, shoes and whatnot

Something borrowed: I'm working on this. A friend loaned me a hair comb but I think I might go with a new one. I would also like to borrow my mom's crinoline but she's smaller than I am. TBA

Something blue: Lots of things, navy and light blue are my colors. My shoes and garter are both blue and white seersucker, but officially it will be my wedding band which is an eternity ring with alternating sapphires and diamonds.

The Dunaway's said...

My something borrowed was the slip/krinoline for under my dress..a friend of mine let me borrow it
Something new-Dress, Shoes, jewelry
Something old-for the life of me I can not remember what my something old was!
Something blue-dont' laugh but it was my underwear! LOL I got it from Victoria's Secret and it was light blue and said "Just Married" on the back in rhinestones..I also got some that said "Bride" and "I DO" to take on our honeymoon

Wila (aka Ali) said...

Thanks for your sweet checkin-note! It made my day! I love the pictures from the wedding, those dresses were too cute. This warm weather is soooo nice, I just hope the rain holds off for the weekend. I need to get in gear and post!!! :-) Have a great weekend!

Jules said...

I love that you're using your aunt's veil. That is going to be so special. The lace from your mom's dress will be so pretty on your bouquet.

I did this: Old: Bracelet that hubby bought me New: Dress, shoes Borrowed: Mom's pin that she pinned under my dress Blue: Monogrammed dress patch and garter.

jessica lynn said...

love those earrings!

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