Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I heart Cake!

Feeling a little bit more inspired today! Some days I just want to be DONE with planning this wedding and other days, I see a million ideas and I want to use them all!

We're going to do our cake tasting next Thursday. I've already picked the cake vendor and I have eaten her cake about a million times since she does a lot of weddings at the hotel. But I want J and my parents to be able to taste it and decide on flavors. If it were up to me, we would be having a 100% chocolate cake. BUT I did start to worry about people who may not like chocolate, so I think we will have 1 other flavor (in one of the smaller layers) for non-chocolate lovers. Maybe a lemon curd with vanilla cake, to go along with our colors!

I finally found a picture of what I want the cake to look like (which is just as important as how good it tastes!)

I love this cake! Ours will not have hydrangeas in between the layers, because I don't need a cake quite that big! So it will just be 4 layers, no flowers. My favorite part is how the ribbon is wrapped around the middle of the cake layers, not at the bottom, because I think that makes it a little bit different. Our cake will have navy ribbon instead of that green.

I also found those same letters to make the monogram on the middle of the cake. They're from Michael's and they're foam, so they are really lightweight. The plan right now is to paint them yellow or green (not sure which one would look better). We'll also have a few yellow and green flowers (dahlias and garden roses) on top of the cake.

I also want to have swiss dot on the cake, to give it some texture, without being too busy...

I'm so excited for cake!!


QueenBeeSwain said...

hooray for cake and hooray for a monogram for your cake :)


BRD said...

That cake is gorgeous! I may have to steal it and put it in my wedding folder...

Cricket said...

omigosh that is gorgeous, though i do just adore the hydrangeas between layers (i love hydrangeas)

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