Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm super late in blogging about this, but we held Preston's baptism back in September and it was a great day. We did it at J's families church and it was so special to be able to do it there - it's the same church that Jake was baptized in over 30 years ago! We had a small luncheon at my in-law's afterwards and everything came together nicely. I was sort of nervous of how P would do with sitting through an hour and half church service but he was seriously an angel! Luckily the actual baptism was at the very beginning of the service and then he literally fell asleep in my arms for the rest of church!

Pictures from the day... 
His Baptism Gown - it was made by J's mom and both Jake and his brother wore it for their baptisms! I love that it has so much history! I added the monogrammed bib to help with the massive amounts of drool that happen now.
Close up
Waiting for the service to get started and sitting up like a big boy!
Meeting with the Pastor before the church service began

Practicing the "water dip"
The 3 of us before the service

With the Godparents and Pastor as the baptism started
Baptism prayer
After the ceremony, the Pastor walked Preston around the congregation and he LOVED it!
Presenting P as a baptized Child of God!
After the ceremony
The table set for the lunch before the party started
Close up of the cupcakes - complete with cross toppers from Etsy

God Bless Preston banner on the fireplace
Cake and Food
With my BFF K, who is Preston's godmother! And she's pregnant with a baby girl!! (aka Preston's future wife!)
I love these two boys!

J with his mini-me!
This is the best picture we could get with P's godparents - he was in the middle of a breakdown!


P*P*P said...

Love this!!!! His gown was gorgeous and I love the history of it! Also, it looks like your "after-party" was SUPER cute!!

Always Organizing said...

Congrats :). Such a lovely day! I have to plan K's baptism, need to get on it.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I need to plan Ash's baptism, I keep putting it off...not good. He looked so cute in the gown, and your party decor was so pretty!

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