Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Final Countdown

So baby boy is still breech. I have tried everything (short of a version - it just seemed like a scary procedure with a low success rate) and he doesn't want to budge. I'm feeling more at peace with a c-section, even though it definitely still scares me. But my excitement to meet this little man is outweighing my fear and I just want him here healthy and safe!

Everything on our "to-do" list is pretty much checked off, so I'm just spending my last few days relaxing, cleaning and taking as many naps as I can!

Tomorrow is 39 weeks, so I'll be back with my last official bump picture and update!


MCW said...

I hope he decides to do a last minute turn! Time has flown!

KatiePerk said...

Sorry he hasn't made the turn for you! I am getting excited! You will do great!!

Always Organizing said...

Hi Friend :)

As long as he gets here healthy, that is all that matters. Indulge me, I want to give you a couple of tips as someone with a 12 day old:

1. Bring your own bath towel to the hospital, that first shower will be heaven and the tiny towels they have are awful.

2. I would also bring some baby nail files or baby nail clippers. My little guy scratched his face and I asked the nurses for help with his nails and they said they don't do that (maybe they are afraid of cutting tiny fingers?) I bought a pack of baby nail files as a whim at the check out aisle in Babies r Us and they are good, but I didn't have them in my hospital bag.

3. Make sure you have lots of clean socks and undies ready at home. The first couple of days are such a huge adjustment that just having those things ready will help.

All the best mommy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will turn at the last minute? Or maybe he's too big to turn. Praying all goes well!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey sweetie! Thinking of you and hoping baby boy makes a turn for you! Hugs!!!

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