Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby's First Pictures

So I'm not usually a fan of sharing sonogram pics, but I got a new scanner and I've been playing with it and finally scanned in our ultrasound pictures from our anatomy scan back in December. These were taken when he was around 20 weeks (now he's 25 weeks) and I'm amazing how clear and well they turned out.

Per my insurance, they send us to a high risk fetal doctor for all our ultrasounds and he has really high tech, good quality ultrasound machines so our pictures always come out great. We have one more ultrasound scheduled for mid-March at 30 weeks and the doctor promises the pictures will be amazing since he'll be so big at that point!

So without further adieu, here is our baby boy when he was half-baked!Side profile - Love his little nose! Also a good shot of his spine - craziness! We joke that he's going to be a male model with this shot. Little man is straight chillin' with his leg up like that! It's also crazy to me that you can see the bones in his legs, especially since he was like 8 inches long at this point! 3-D pictures usually freak me out (and in the beginning when he was really small, they were really freaky and alien-looking). But this one is pretty cool, you can definitely see his face developing and his cute little button nose and pouty lips! This is J's favorite picture - he think it's looks like he's flexing and trying to kiss his bicep. Umm yeah, not so much. I do like that he sort of looks like he's smiling in this one though.

So that's our baby boy from like a month ago. I can't wait to see how much bigger he's gotten at our next appointment!

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Andee Layne said...

congrats love! I'm 35 weeks with my first and it is such an exciting time!!!! xoox

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