Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kitchen: More Photos

New overhead light = no more gross florescent glow! Good shot of the bamboo shade on the window - still trying to decide if I like it. I wanted to bring in some brown and some natural elements, but for some reason, I'm not in love with it.
In love with the new lazy susan corner cabinet (that corner is where the dishwasher used to be)
Amazing pull down faucet and super sleek integrated sink. Quite possibly my favorite part of the kitchen.
Close up of the countertops and knobs. The color is Talus Oyster and it's a solid surface (Corian). It's tan with flecks of white, browns and greys - it reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell. Corian is pretty amazing - very easy to maintain, inexpensive and there is not one seam anywhere on it. L-O-V-E
Right after the counters were installed, before any of our "stuff" was on the counters. The counter space to the right of the stove used to be where our fridge was, so we gained all that extra storage and workspace. Also, I don't know how I lived without an over the range microwave for so long.

Breaking down the budget tomorrow!


MCW said...

Looks great! Love the light counters.

ms. mindless said...

Amazing! What a great job!

Annie said...

So you will be obsessed with the pull down faucet and how you can just sweep things into your sink from your countertops. It makes cleaning up SO easy.

Jess said...

You did such a good job! I love the light blue paint with the white cabinets.

Hilary Lane said...

My dishwasher was awkwardly in the corner, also, and it was a horrible waste of space. I have one of those lazy susans now, too, and love it! It looks awesome

Anonymous said...

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Always Organizing said...


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