Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Kitchen: Grout

We have grout! We went with a light grey grout and I'm in love with it. We just have to do one more round of de-hazing the tile and then seal the grout and the floor in the kitchen is DONE. Of course, we still have to do the entire foyer and hallway, but I'm celebrating this as one big part of the kitchen being done. Cabinets should start going in soon, which is crazy to me. I really might be cooking in my kitchen by July!

Happy weekend - wish me luck, I'm running in a 10k tomorrow morning!


MCW said...

Amazing job!

maureen said...

I came across your blog looking for inspiration for my sisters wedding to be held in South Bend, Indiana this summer. I was wondering if you could let me know how you rented the ice cream cart? Thank you so much and sorry this is so random.

beachside cottage said...

Good job - and - uh oh - I may have been guilty of similar strategy in the past!!!

Hope the wiring goes well!!!


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