Monday, March 7, 2011

Beauty Recap: Microdermabrasion

A few months ago, I bought a Groupon (LOVE groupon!) for microdermabrasion - 2 very discounted sessions that could be used anytime in 2011. It was at a plastic surgeons office, done by the esthetician there. Well I had my first session today and I'm in LOVE with the results!

Obviously I'm not even the big 3-0 yet (7 months! eeeek!) but I definitely have been noticing some effects of aging, sun damage, etc as far as small wrinkles and sun spots. So I decided to give it a try. The procedure itself didn't hurt at all, it was actually quite relaxing. It basically was like a hard core facial.

She started by rubbing a few different creams and lotions on my face to soften and clean it. Then she started the actual abrasion part, which is where she used a small little vacuum device to rub very fine crystals all over my face to remove the top layer and "refresh" my skin by revealing all the new skin underneath. She went over my whole face and neck 3 times. To me, it felt like someone was rubbing a small eraser over my skin - weird, but it didn't hurt at all.

After the main procedure, she did a few more lotions and then did a super moisturizing mask that sat on my face for 8 minutes (total relaxation - I definitely took a power nap!) Then she wiped that away and I was all finished - about 45 minutes total.

I have no redness or anything - she said cause my skin is pretty young, I wouldn't have too much of a reaction to it. She recommends getting treatments about every 8 weeks so I will be going back in May. My skin seriously looks better (even right after she did it, I could see a difference). I just look fresher, not as tired and my skin feels incredible! It's so soft, I love it!

So this might be my new beauty regimen a few times a year as my splurge for myself. I'm a little worried that because I liked it so much, it might be my gateway drug into plastic surgery! haha - just kidding...sort of! Botox anyone??


Pink and Green Moms said...

I just tried microdermabrasion for the first time a few months ago. The funny part is, I bought mine on Groupon, too! lol. I loved it, as well. And yes, Im waiting for a botox session to show up on Groupon and it is mine :) - Natasha

Ashley Borysewich said...

oooh excited to try microdermabrasion now!

oh my goodness, i love your blog!

following you now :)

Preppy Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your experience! Definitely going to look into it!

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