Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo Wall

I made a New Years Resolution back in January to get things hung on the walls of our house, which have seriously been bare since we moved in a year ago. It's actually sort of embarrassing when people come over. I cringe when I walk into our living room and see nothing. But I really didn't just want to throw anything up on the walls (that we spent many hours patching and painting!) until I was in love with it. 

So I started in our bedroom. We have a weird small wall in between our front window and the door to my closet. It's only about 3 feet wide and it's the first thing you see when you look into the room. I decided I wanted to hang 3 picture ledges and then find silver frames for them. Well, my project is finally done!

I found 2' ledges at Target for $8 each. I really wanted to get longer ones, but the wall just wasn't big enough for that. Then I found a whole lot of silver frames from Kohl's during their super major sale. I got the frames from $2-$9 depending on their size. I got 8 of them, and my total was seriously like $21. That was a good bargain day!

Jake was nice enough to perfectly hang them for me and I got to work on figuring out the frame arrangement and finding the right pictures for them. Since the wall is not super big, I stuck to 8x10 frames and smaller, since I didn't want the frames to overwhelm it or look too big on the ledges. I am so happy with the result!
The completed project! And a good shot of our wall color (it's a very very light blue) and our Target curtains that I'm in love with. 
Close up of the bottom ledge. As far as pictures, I didn't want it to turn it into a shrine to me and J. I used a lot of wedding pictures, but I tried to frame ones that weren't just of the two of us. I used a lot of shots of our venue and decor and I actually think it turned out more interesting that way. This ledge shows a floral wreath from our cocktail hour and a picture of one of the brick houses from the venue. And of course, I had to use some pictures of Spencer!
The middle ledge. In that triple frame, I did use wedding pictures of us. I did a semi-montage from the day and used a picture before the ceremony, during the ceremony and our first dance. Then I had to put another picture of the puppy dog up there - she's so photogenic!
The top ledge. This one has two more shots of our wedding venue and then the small middle picture is my favorite engagement picture of us. 
Another view of the wall. This is the angle from the bed - so this is what I see when I wake up. It makes me happy to wake up to these pictures!

And I actually did hang something else on the wall in our bedroom! Back in December, I made a fabric covered headboard (this post) and I was on the hunt for what to hang over it. Well, I finally decided on the starburst mirror from West Elm. Not terribly original, but I loved it so I went with it. 
Don't pay attention to our wrinkled bedding and mis-matched lamps. And super messy nightstands. Yikes. I need to lower the mirror so it hangs closer to the headboard, but other than that, I love it!

So that's all we have in our bedroom right now. Definitely need a few more things, but I'm making progress. It's all about baby steps! Happy Friday!

Edit: Our Bedding is the Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover and Shams from Pottery Barn, in the color Sandalwood. Obviously I had to have it monogrammed. I got it on sale last year and it's on sale again right now actually! It can be found here


KatiePerk said...

Looking good lady!! I love the picture/ledges. Those curtains look fab too!! I still think that headboard rocks!! Very talented! Want to come deco my house?

SEW said...

I love your bedding! What kind is it? I love brown and white bedding but can never find some that isn't so 'plain'.. this is too cute!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Cute idea!!! I love that!!!! Great job! :)

Love your bedding!!! Beautiful!

Sherrie said...

I absolutely love this and may have to use this idea in my living room. TFS

Freck said...

It looks great! Wow, big progress! I've been wanting to hang photo ledges on my walls SO badly and when I finally got around to it, I discovered my walls don't take screws so well. Awesome. I'm living vicariously through your photo ledges now. Looks great!

MCW said...

Your house is really coming together! The pics were such a good idea.

Always Organizing said...

The whole room looks great!!! Love the shelves with the pics and the monogrammed bedding is fab.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I think you did a wonderful job! You were smart to use other photo's besides just you too, it does make it more interesting!

Hilary Lane said...

I love it! Except that I am JUST clumsy enough that I walk into walls & door frams a little too often & I'm afraid I'd accidentally walk right into the shelves at some point. But, it's perfect if you aren't a clown like I am!

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