Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Santa,

I have been a VERY good girl this year. With Christmas just 15 days away, I know you are really busy with shopping for everyone. So I thought I'd put together a list for you, to make it easier for you to check everything off!Boatneck Ponte Dress from Lands End. Perfect for work because I can throw it on with fun flats and still look polished for weddings!
A silver engraved necklace with my new monogram. L-O-V-E this one from Etsy. Edit: The Etsy seller is courtneyanne Designs
Dory Barn Coat from Lands End. Santa, I hope you already bought this one for me because they are running out of sizes and colors! Better hurry!! (Chocolate Brown, please!)
Real Simple Best Recipes Cookbook. Being a new wife and all, I need something to wow my husband and make him believe that I AM Martha Stewart!
Santa, you are great at bringing me tech gifts. I-pods, Garmins, you name it. This year, you can put one of these adorable little video cameras in my stocking and I will be one happy girl!
Last but not least, a Little Green Clean Machine. Now, my mom said it's just wrong to put cleaning appliances on my Christmas list, but she obviously hasn't seen our old shabby carpet that we can't afford to replace right now. This will help me get those gross stains out so I can stop bugging Jake for carpet installation!

Thanks for reading this Santa. I promise to leave extra cookies out for you and the reindeer if you could slip any of these under our tree this year!


jewelry without jewels said...

LOVE the monogram necklace! What's the etsy shop?


Christine said...

Those are great gifts I hope you get them!! And that little green will be a life saver...I have the pet one because I have 3 pets and it works like a charm on the carpet and sofas!!! :)

MCW said...

I wear my gold monogrammed necklace everyday. I love Real Simple recipes! Will have to add to my list...

Jules said...

Great list! I just put mine up too. I love that dress from Land’s End. So classic and you can dress it up or down and it will always be classy. The monogrammed necklace from Etsy is so pretty. The Flip video camera is great. I used it while I was in Hawaii and got some great videos.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Alwasy best to make things as easy as possible for the old guy up at the North Pole!

Kelly said...

Awesome list. That coat is so cute!

honey my heart said...

i am in the market for a bissell green machine too!! our carpet needs it.

Always Organizing said...

Great list! I love that monogrammed necklace, ran right over to check out the etsy shop. It's darling.

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