Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Blahs

Being off from work on Mondays can have it's benefits, but it can also be super boring. No one else is off that day, so I pretty much run errands, clean and hang out the dog. Of course, I probably should be actually taking today to start packing, since we move in 4 weeks, but I'm procrastinating!!

The fabulous Amy at The Pink Tutu (who is also my sorority grandlittle from college!!!) tagged me. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but oh well:

Eight Things Tag 

Eight Things I Look Forward to:
**Settling on our new house on May 29th
**Moving into the house, painting and decorating it.
**Our upcoming summer trip to Block Island, Rhode Island for a wedding in July
**Our Honeymoon!!!!! Woo Hoo Aruba!
**Spending the last few months of 2009 married!!! 
**Enjoying our new house all summer, especially the community pool 
**J's 30th birthday in October!! I'm starting to get fun ideas for a party! 

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
**Skip the next 4 months, wake up and have it be September 5th so I can marry J
**Have our honeymoon last for a month instead of a week
**Win a shopping spree to Home Depot so we can do a bunch of stuff to the new house
**Hire people to pack and move for us
**Have an unlimited budget to spend on shopping, especially at J.Crew
**Get 5 more dogs!! haha
**Travel and visit every country on my wish list, especially Australia and Fiji
**Be a stay at home mom someday!

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
**Went to breakfast with my parents for Mother's Day
**Took my parents and my BFF K over to the new house to show it to them...they loved it!
**Met up with one of my old roommates at a park near her house and went for a VERY long hike...12 miles! Craziness! I can't move today!
**Got a thank you note in the mail from our landlord, thanking us for helping give positive reviews of our house to her potential new tenants. And she enclosed a $100 Visa gift card...yay!
**Figured out our ceremony music! More on that later!
**Went to dinner at my parents house and had yummy crab cakes! 
**Caught up with J, he was away all weekend on a fishing trip with some of his friends. Got to hear a lot of fishing details...haha
**Laundry - I started a bunch of loads, but I haven't finished any

Eight Shows I Watch:
**Gossip Girl
**Grey's Anatomy
**American Idol 
**One Tree Hill
**So you think you can dance (So excited it starts again soon!!)
**90201 reruns
**Desperate Housewives

Off to run a few errands!!! Happy Monday!


Red and White Preppy said...

I am very excited about SYTYCD's return, too :)

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I LOVE So you think you can dance! I am also SOOOOOOOOOO excited that it's starting up soon! I started watching Dancing with the Stars this season, just b/c Chelsie Hightower and Lacey were on it. Pasha made some guest appearances too! Whoooo hoooooo!

QueenBeeSwain said...

okay- love love love that you and pink tutu are *related* :) you also kicked some major rear yesterday on that hike!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could fast forward things we didn't want to do and wait for?! I'm the worst procrastinator ever!

Anonymous said...

You think Monday's are boring...wait til you are a SAHM!! LOL!! :) Enjoy being bored & packing without kids! I'm reading your post wishing I had a little free time! I'm bribing my 2 with Oreos & milk right now :)

I'm so excited for your wedding. Sept is the best time of year! :) Our 7th anniversary is this Sept.
Keep us posted on J's 30th bday party! Sounds like planning it will be FUN!! :)

KLC said...

if the pink tutu is your grandlittle, that means my sister is currently in your sorority @ Elon :)

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